L. A. Breaking Thriller Novel

Bullet train story driven by a blistering love triangle set in 1994, a seminal year in LA where news transitioned from reporting to sensationalized news, the precursor to today's tabloid journalism.  The earthquake, OJ, Nancy and Tonya breaking news fuel the fiction story that is an explosion of its own breaking news.  The worlds of LA Dodger baseball and broadcast TV collide as this story of deceit, blind loyalties, betrayal and revenge mixed with male bonding rituals, racism, sexism and ultimate sacrifice brings you to your knees. This wild and unpredictable ride takes you on a journey that is at once laugh out loud funny, intelligent, incisive, thought provoking that sticks with you long after you put it down.  Relevant to all going on today.  A modern story of epic proportions that comes to a heart stopping conclusion.  Beta readers reviews...one word: "WOW!"