I have been reading nonfiction primarily for the last few years. This was the first novel I let myself enjoy in quite awhile. Also, I tried to read it slowly so I could savor each chapter. It did not disappoint!
I found myself being drawn into the lives of the three main characters, that is Paddy the news anchor and our protagonist, and the other two members of a powerful and magnetic love triangle: the lovely Georgia Conroy and the superstar baseball player Ahmed. All the characters were wonderfully developed and as the story unfolds and each of them became endeared to me. Our protagonist for being very human, sincere but struggling and vulnerable. The beautiful Georgia as a powerful an attractive lady who knows exactly what she wants, except that perhaps she wants two men at the same time! And Ahmed: a man of integrity, sincerity and impeccable character. Perhaps his only flaw being the need to control because of some deep seated insecurity.
I was shocked to find out the fate of Georgia Conroy later in the story and will not spoil it for you: but it was like a bomb dropping! Oh my God, really?
I enjoyed this book very much and even though it seems far afield from the circumstances of my life, I could see how it is entirely believable with the black drop of LA, the news and the powerful and alluring world of sports and entertainment!
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